static website designer in guwahati, assam

Static websites are information only websites which creates awareness about your products and services. We design eye-catching and robust yet cost-effective static websites that guarantees to ramp-up your online presence.

If you are seeking for an innovative and interactive website for your successful business that has been designed using the best practices of coding and designing standards, you are at the right place!

Advantages of having a static website –

  • - Static websites are simple to use, maintain and update.
  • - Takes less space for storage.
  • - Able to run on a wide range of systems like Windows, MAC, UNIX and many more without any alteration in the appearance of the site.
  • - Considered safer as there are no hacking threads
  • - Cheaper as compared to other websites designs.
  • - We offer free hosting service for the first 6 months with every new static website.

Feel free to talk to our customer representatives for further details.


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